Our vision

In 2040 cities will have drones in the air, delivery robots in the bike lanes and capsule pipelines underground. This have replaced the current used transport means for small gods and waste, that is cars, vans, cargo bikes and walking. Infrastructure planning is made in three vertical levels including underground culverts for automated vehicles on wheels; pipes for liquids, gases, and capsules; and cables; and space above for air vehicles. The capillary capsule pipelines in cities for goods are connect4ed to the Hyperloop capsule pipelines between cities.

In 2030 Sweden is arranging an international exhibition of the climate positive city of the future, where capsule pipelines for the capillary flow and storage goods will be demonstrated in a new urban development project. Like the Woven City project in Japan initiated by Toyota.

In 2026 – pilots for shopping centers, offices and apartment buildings

In 2022 – demonstrators at H22 city expo in Helsingborg

Our mission

Omniloop is one of the leading providers of technology for capsule pipelines for the capillary flow and storage of small goods. We develop and license technology. Together with our partners, Omniloop builds and operates mockups, prototypes, pilots, and full-scale installations.